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Characters: King John

Characters: King John

King John: The son of King Henry II and Queen Elinor, the father of Prince Henry, and the brother of King Richard I (Richard the Lion Heart).

Prince Henry: The son of King John, later King Henry III.

Arthur, duke of Britain: The son of King John’s older brother (Geoffrey) and Constance.

Earl of Pembroke

Earl of Essex

Earl of Salisbury

Lord Bigot

Hubert de Burgh: A citizen of Angiers and later in the service of King John.

Robert Faulconbridge: The legitimate son of Lady Faulconbridge and her husband and half-brother of Philip the Bastard.

Philip the Bastard: A fictional character, the Bastard is the illegitimate son of Lady Faulconbridge and King Richard I.

James Gurney: Servant of Lady Faulconbridge.

Peter of Pomfret: A prophet.

Philip, king of France: The father of Lewis the dauphin.

Lewis, the dauphin: The son of Philip and the heir to his throne, he marries King John’s niece, Blanch of Spain.

Lymoges, duke of Austria

Cardinal Pandulph: The pope’s legate.

Melune: A French lord.

Chatillion: An ambassador from France.

Queen Elinor: The widow of King Henry II and the mother of the late King Richard I and of King John.

Constance: The wife of Geoffrey, John’s older brother, and the mother of Arthur.

Blanch of Spain: The daughter of the king of Castile and the niece of King John, later marries Lewis the dauphin.

Lady Faulconbridge: Mother of Robert Faulconbridge and (with King Richard I) the Bastard.