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Characters: Lend Me a Tenor: the Musical

Characters: Lend Me a Tenor: the Musical

Henry Saunders: Executive director of the Cleveland Grand Opera House, Saunders is a man who gets things done, one way or another.

Max Garber: Assistant to Saunders, and in love with Saunders’s daughter Maggie, Max has much more talent than is apparent.

Diana Bateman: Diva of the Cleveland Opera House, Diana has a “thing” for the great Il Stupendo, Tito Merelli.

Maggie Saunders: Saunders’s daughter, Maggie is attracted to Max, but isn’t sure she is love. She, instead, says she needs “a fling.”

Albert Rupp: The tenor’s understudy who moonlights as a bellhop.

Maria Merelli: Wife to Tito, Maria is suspicious of her husband’s fidelity; still, she can’t give him up.

Tito Merelli: “Il Stupendo,” a world-famous opera star.