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Characters: Man of La Mancha

Characters: Man of La Mancha

Don Quixote (Cervantes): Tall, thin man in his late forties, he is an actor, playwright, and would-be knight. He is a romantic—some sane crazy—and has a vision of a far better and nobler world, where knights and chivalry rule the day.

Sancho (The Manservant): Older than Don Quixote, Sancho is short and squat. He has served Quixote/Cervantes for many years and is devoted to him, even with all his idiosyncracies.

Captain of the Inquisition

Aldonza: A serving woman and a part-time prostitute at the inn, Aldonza is rough on the exterior, but has a gentle heart inside and yearns to believe what Don Quixote tells her. Quixote falls in loves with her and insists her name is Dulcinea and that she is a beautiful, gentle woman.

The Innkeeper (The Governor): A large and powerful man, he is kind as the Innkeeper, but as the Governor is the leader of the inmate society in the prison.

Dr. Carrasco (The Duke): As the character of the Duke he sidekick to the Governor; however, when he plays Dr. Carrasco, he is Antonia's fiancé. He thinks Don Quixote mad and insists that he come home and be treated for his malady.

The Padre

Antonia: Quixote's niece and Dr. Carrasco's fiancée.

The Housekeeper

The Barber

Pedro: The head muleteer, Pedro is a mean and vicious man, leading an attack on Aldonza.

Anselmo: A muleteer

Jose: A muleteer

Juan: A muleteer

Paco: a muleteer

Tenorio: A muleteer

Maria: The Innkeeper's wife

Fermina: A servant girl

The Guitarist