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Characters: Mary Poppins

Characters: Mary Poppins

MARY POPPINS: A “practically perfect” nanny blown in by the wind. Pragmatic but caring, sensible but “tricky,” “spit spot spic and span.”

BERT: Friend of Mary Poppins, man of many trades, and narrator of the story.

GEORGE BANKS­: Head of the Banks household. Banker by profession; orderly, efficient, authoritative, irritable.

WINIFRED BANKS: Wife to George, mother of Jane and Michael, former actress. In charge of all domestic responsibilities of the Banks household; expected by George to “do charity work and entertain.”

JANE BANKS: A “thoughtless, short-tempered and untidy” girl. George and Winifred’s daughter.

MICHAEL BANKS: “A noisy, mischievous, troublesome little boy.” George and Winifred’s son who longs for attention from his father, loves astronomy, and wants a “proper kite” to fly with his father.

KATIE NANNA: A nanny for the Banks family who leaves at the beginning of the show because of the naughty children.

MISS LARK: A townswoman who has a little dog named Willoughby.

ADMIRAL BOOM: A townsman who always speaks in nautical terms.

MRS. BRILL: The cook and housekeeper at the Banks’s home.

ROBERSON AY: The Banks’s houseboy.

NELEUS: Statue of a boy in the park who comes to life during “Jolly Holiday.”                             

QUEEN VICTORIA: Statue in the park who comes to life during “Jolly Holiday.”

BANK CHAIRMAN: George Banks’s boss.

MISS SMYTHE: The Bank Chairman’s secretary.

VON HUSSLER: A dubious businessman applying for a loan from the bank (“a good idea”).

NORTHBROOK: An honest gentleman applying for a loan to construct a factory (“a good man”).

MRS. CORRY: A magical conversation shop owner.

FANNIE AND ANNIE: Mrs. Corry’s daughters.

VALENTINE, TEDDY BEAR, DOLL, MR. PUNCH: The children’s toys who come to life.

MISS ANDREW: George Banks’s old nanny who comes to the Banks home when Mary Poppins leaves temporarily.