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Characters: Measure for Measure

Vincentio: Duke of Vienna.

Angelo: The duke’s deputy.

Escalus: An ancient lord and counselor to Vincentio.

Claudio: Isabella’s brother and a gentleman, betrothed to Juliet.

Lucio: A “fantastic,” Claudio’s friend.


Thomas: A friar.

Peter: Another friar.



Elbow: A simple constable.

Froth: A foolish gentleman.

Pompey: A clown, servant of Mistress Overdone.

Abhorson: An executioner.

Barnadine: A dissolute Barnadine prisoner.

**Isabella:**Sister of Claudio.

Mariana: Betrothed to Angelo.

Juliet: Claudio’s betrothed lover.

Francisca: A nun.

Mistress Overdone: A bawd, Mistress Overdone runs a brothel in Vienna.

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