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Characters: Much Ado about Nothing

**Don Pedro:**The visiting prince of Aragon, a half-brother of Don John, and close companion of Claudio and Benedick.

Don John: The illegitimate half-brother of Don Pedro.

Claudio: A young man from Florence, Claudio is a friend of Don Pedro and Benedick.

**Benedick:**A young man from Padua and friend of Don Pedro and Claudio.

**Leonato:**The governor of Messina, father of Hero, and uncle of Beatrice.

**Antonio:**The brother of Leonato and the uncle of Hero and Beatrice.

**Balthasar:**A musician employed by Don Pedro.

Borachio: A follower of Don John.

Conrade: Another follower of Don John.

Friar Francis: A priest.

Dogberry: A constable.

**Verges:**A headborough and companion of Dogberry.

**Hero:**The only daughter of Leonato and cousin and constant companion of Beatrice.

Beatrice: The niece of Leonato and cousin and confidant of Hero.

Margaret: Gentlewoman waiting on Hero.

Ursula: Gentlewoman waiting on Hero.

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