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Characters: Murder for Two

Characters: Murder for Two

Murder for Two is performed by two piano-playing actors.

One actor portrays:

MARCUS MOSCOWICZ: An ambitious young officer
(He also provides voices for two characters in flashback.)

THE CHIEF: Marcus’s grizzled boss

VANESSA: Marcus’s former partner


The other actor portrays:

The Suspects—

DAHLIA WHITNEY: The victim’s loopy widow

MURRAY AND BARB FLANDON: The Whitney’s bickering neighbors

STEPH WHITNEY: An overeager grad student

BARRETTE LEWIS: A self-incriminating ballerina

DR. GRIFF: A friendly local psychiatrist

TIMMY, YONKERS, AND SKID: Members of an antiquated boys’ choir

HENRY VIVALDI: A late arrival


The final character is Officer Lou, who isn’t played by an actor. Marcus and the suspects address him as needed. (From Kinosian and Blair. Murder for Two. 2014)