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Characters: Peter Pan

TINKER BELL: A fairy and companion of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell is very rude to Wendy, but mainly out of jealousy because she wants to be more than friends with Peter. Toward the end of the story, she risks her life to save Peter’s.

MR. DARLING: The father of Wendy, John, and Michael and husband of Mrs. Darling, Mr. Darling is a stern and unimaginative man. He does, however, love his children and only wants what is best for them.

MRS. DARLING: The mother of the three children and wife of Mr. Darling, Mrs. Darling is loving and imaginative, almost a perfect foil for Mr. Darling. When she was Wendy’s age, she, too, visited the Neverland with Peter, but that was long ago, and she has nearly forgotten everything.

WENDY: The oldest of the Darling children, Wendy is a young girl, just beginning to feel the tugs of womanhood. She easily befriends Peter and becomes his and her brothers’ surrogate mother.

JOHN: The middle Darling child, John thinks he wants to be a pirate and plays at that much of the time.

**MICHAEL:**The youngest Darling child, Michael would like to be an Indian.

NANA: The loving and very capable nurse for the Darling children, Nana just happens to be a dog.

PETER PAN: Because he never wanted to grow up, Peter Pan ran away when he was born. He now lives with and is the leader of the lost boys in the Neverland. He can be gentle and kind, but is usually mischievous, selfish, and a little uncaring. He does, however, care for Wendy. In the end he stays in the Neverland, where time stands still.

TOOTLES: One of the lost boys who fell out of his perambulator when a baby, he now lives in the Neverland. He is “not the least brave but the most unfortunate,” having been in fewer adventures than the others.

NIBS: Another of the lost boys, Nibs is, in his words, “smart and debonair.”

SLIGHTLY: Another of the lost boys, Slightly is “the brightest of the boys” because he can “remember” the days before they were lost.

CURLEY: Another of the lost boys, Curley is usually in trouble with Peter, “guilty or not.”

TWIN 1: Another of the lost boys, Twin 1 “cannot be described” because we would probably be describing his brother.

TWIN 2: Ditto.

SKYLIGHTS: A pirate, one of a “villainous looking lot,” Skylights and the pirates are all more talk and bombast than action.

CECCO: A pirate, the handsome Cecco “cut his name in letters of blood on the back of the warden of the prison at Gao.”

ARNOLD THE BLACK: A pirate, the terrifying Arnold “was once a head master at a boys school.”

BILL JUKES: A pirate, Bill was once a “notorious truancy officer.”

COOKSON: A pirate, Cookson is “said to be Black Murphy’s brother.”

GENTLEMAN STARKEY: A pirate, Starkey was “once a principal in public school.”

SMEE: A pirate, the Irish Smee is “an oddly genial man who stabbed, so to speak, without offense.”

CAPTAIN JAMES HOOK: The captain of the pirate band, Hook is “the largest jewel of the lot.” He hates Peter Pan because Peter cut off his hand in an earlier battle and fed it to the crocodile. Since then Hook has replaced the hand with a menacing hook. However, he is deathly afraid of the crocodile, fearing it would like to finish the meal.

TIGER LILY: Leader and princess of the Piccadilly Tribe (“not to be confused with the softer-hearted Delawares or the Hurons”), Tiger Lily is proud, brave, and beautiful. Like all of her tribe, she has a soft heart and befriends Peter and the lost boys.

GREAT BIG LITTLE PANTHER: Another member of the Piccadilly Tribe.

LEAN WOLF: Another member of the Piccadilly Tribe.




JANE: Wendy’s daughter, when Wendy grows up and marries, Jane, too, gets to know Peter Pan.

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