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Characters: Relative Value

Characters: Relative Value

Crestwell: The butler, he has been at Marshwood for many years and although on the surface appears to believe in social equality, deep down he realizes that such is not only impossible, but probably not desirable. He is a good friend of Moxie, and together they are the force that keeps the household and its occupants running smoothly.

Alice: The housemaid, Alice is young and inexperienced and very much star-struck by Miranda Frayle and other actors.

Mrs. Dora Moxton (Moxie): A very proper household servant, Moxie has been Felicity’s personal maid and sometimes confidante for over twenty years, becoming almost another member of the family. She is content at Marshwood and would be happy to live out her life there, until Nigel announces his wedding plans and she later reveals that his fiancée, Miranda Frayle, is her younger sister.

Felicity: The countess of Marshwood, she is level-headed and firmly ensconced in the aristocratic society she grew up in. She is trying to accept the social changes that she feels are taking place around her, but ultimately doesn’t and feels that her son really is marrying beneath his class.

Lady Cynthia Hayling: Felicity’s friend and a frequent visitor to Marshwood.

The Honourable Peter Ingleton: Felicity’s nephew who is living at Marshwood.

Admiral Sir John Hayling: Lady Hayling’s husband and a retired naval officer.

Nigel: The earl of Marshwood and Felicity’s son, he is betrothed to Miranda Frayle when the play opens. He has been involved with a number of women in the past that his mother did not approve of, including Joan whom he married for a short time. He insists he is now in love with Miranda.

Miranda Frayle: An American movie star, Miranda Frayle was actually born in England; and we learn in the play is (unbeknownst to anyone around them) Moxie’s sister. She is engaged to Nigel at the beginning of the play, but in the end goes back to America with her long-time love Don Lucas.

Don Lucas: An American movie star and the long-time love interest of Miranda Frayle.