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Characters: Richard II

Characters: Richard II

KING RICHARD II, grandson of King Edward and son of Edward the Black Prince, is king of England when the play opens but is deposed by Bolingbroke and murdered by his men

QUEEN, Richard’s wife

JOHN OF GAUNT, duke of Lancaster, Richard’s uncle and Henry Bolingbroke’s father, is an elder statesman and the epitome of honor and patriotism. Early in the play he urges obedience to the king; yet, on his deathbed, he delivers a scathing denunciation of the way England’s honor has vanished under Richard.

HENRY BOLINGBROKE, John of Gaunt’s son, duke of Hereford, claimant to his father’s dukedom of Lancaster, and later King Henry IV, begins the play loyal to his king, although suspicious of his role in the death of his uncle, the duke of Gloucester. However, as the events progress, he matures and changes, eventually seizing the throne from Richard.

EDMUND OF LANGLEY, Duke of York, King Richard and Bolingbroke’s uncle

DUCHESS OF YORK, York’s wife

DUKE OF AUMERLE, York’s son and the Earl of Rutland, cousin to Richard and Bolingbroke, remains loyal to Richard and plans an unsuccessful rebellion against Bolingbroke.

DUCHESS OF GLOUCESTER, widow of Thomas of Woodstock and aunt of Richard and Bolingbroke

THOMAS MOWBRAY, duke of Norfolk and supporter of King Richard,

EARL OF SALISBURY, supporter of King Richard

LORD BERKELEY, supporter of King Richard

DUKE OF SURREY, supporter of King Richard

BISHOP OF CARLISLE, supporter of King Richard

SIR STEPHEN SCROOP, supporter of King Richard

ABBOT OF WESTMINSTER, supporter of King Richard

BUSHY, a supporter and favorite of King Richard

BAGOT, a supporter and favorite of King Richard

GREEN, a supporter and favorite of King Richard

EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND, supporter of Bolingbroke

HARRY PERCY, Northumberland’s son and supporter of Bolingbroke

LORD ROSS, supporter of Bolingbroke

LORD WILLOUGHBY, supporter of Bolingbroke

LORD FITZWATER, supporter of Bolingbroke

SIR PIERCE OF EXTON, supporter of Bolingbroke