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Characters: Richard III

NOTE: The articles in these study guides are not meant to mirror or interpret any particular productions at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. They are meant, instead, to be an educational jumping-off point to understanding and enjoying the play (in any production at any theatre) a bit more thoroughly. Therefore the stories of the plays and the interpretative articles (and even characters at times) may differ from what is ultimately produced on stage.

Also, some of these articles (especially the synopses) reveal the ending and other “surprises” in some plays. If you don’t want to know this information before seeing the plays, you may want to reconsider studying this information.

King Edward IV: Brother of George and Richard and father of the two young princes Edward and Richard.

Edward, prince of Wales: The eldest son of King Edward IV and thus the heir to the throne, he is king for a short time after his father dies.

Richard, duke of York: The youngest son of King Edward IV and second in line to the throne.

George, duke of Clarence: Brother to King Edward and to Richard, he is third in line to the throne. He is referred to generally as Duke of Clarence or simply Clarence.

Richard, duke of Gloucester: Brother to King Edward and to George, he manipulates his way to the throne to be crowned as Richard III, only to be overthrown by Richmond at the end of the play. He is referred to generally as the duke of Gloucester or simply Gloucester.

Edward Plantagenet, earl of Warwick: A young son of George, duke of Clarence.

Henry Tudor, earl of Richmond: A Lancastrian, he has a claim to the throne and at the end of the play is crowned King Henry VII. He proposes to marry Elizabeth, daughter of King Edward, thus uniting the two warring households: the Yorkists (white rose) and the Lancastrians (red rose).

Cardinal Bourchier: Archbishop of Canterbury.

Thomas Rotherham: Archbishop of York.

John Morton: Bishop of Ely.

Henry, duke of Buckingham: Born a Lancastrian but raised (his father died in battle) by King Edward to be a Yorkist.

Duke of Norfolk

**Earl of Surrey:**A son of Norfolk.

Earl Rivers: Also known as Anthony Woodvile, he is a brother of Queen Elizabeth.

Marquess of Dorset: A son of Queen Elizabeth.

Lord Grey: A son of Queen Elizabeth.

Earl of Oxford

William, Lord Hastings: A supporter of King Edward.

Lord Stanley, earl of Derby: An opportunist, he jumps from side to side as he sees it will do him good.

Lord Lovel

Sir Thomas Vaughan

Sir Richard Ratcliffe

Sir William Catesby

Sir James Tyrrel

Sir James Blunt

Sir Walter Herbert

Sir Robert Brakenbury: Lieutenant of the Tower.

Sir William Brandon

Christopher Urswick: A priest.

**Queen Elizabeth:**Wife of King Edward IV.

**Margaret:**Widow of King Henry VI and mother of the murdered Prince Edward.

Cicely Neville, duchess of York: The mother of King Edward IV; George, duke of Clarence; and Richard, duke of York.

Lady Anne Neville: Widow of Prince Edward and later the wife of Richard.

Margaret Plantagenet, countess of Salisbury: A young daughter of Clarence.

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