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Characters: Romeo and Juliet

Characters: Romeo and Juliet

The Montagues

Romeo: Lord and Lady Montague’s son, Romeo is initially in love with a girl named Rosaline; but he instantly falls in love with Juliet when he sees her. He is also responsible for the deaths of Tybalt and Paris.

Montague: The head of the house of Montague, he is Romeo’s father and enemy of Capulet.

Lady Montague: Romeo’s mother, she dies of grief soon after Romeo’s banishment.

Mercutio: A temperamental and witty young man related to Prince Escalus, Mercutio is a close friend to Romeo. Tybalt kills him in a fight.

Benvolio: Romeo’s cousin and friend, Benvolio is usually a peacemaker.

Balthasar: Romeo’s servant, Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead.

Abram: A servant of the Montagues, Abram is one of the instigators of the fight that begins the play.


The Capulets

Juliet: Daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet, Juliet falls in love with Romeo. Though she is initially very compliant with her family’s wishes, she matures and becomes more independent as the play progresses.

Capulet: The head of the house of Capulet, he is Juliet’s father and enemy of Montague.

Lady Capulet: Juliet’s mother.

Nurse: A talkative and comic woman, the Nurse raised Juliet and loves her very much.

Peter: Servant to the nurse and Juliet.

Tybalt: Juliet’s hot-tempered cousin. He kills Mercutio, and is killed by Romeo.

Sampson: Servant of the Capulets, he was among the instigators of the fight that begins the play.

Gregory: Servant of the Capulets, he was among the instigators of the fight that begins the play.



Friar Lawrence: A Franciscan friar and close friend to Romeo, Friar Lawrence performs the marriage of Romeo and Juliet and then does everything he can to help them through the rest of the play.

Paris: A relative of Prince Escalus, Paris wishes to marry Juliet and Capulet arranges the marriage which doesn’t happen before she dies. Romeo kills him in the tomb.

Prince Escalus: The prince of Verona, he is related to Mercutio and Paris.

Friar John: Another Franciscan friar, he was unable to deliver the message about Juliet’s “death” to Romeo.