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Characters: Room Service

Sasha Smirnoff: A waiter in the hotel and a would-be actor.

Gordon Miller: A fast-talking, quick-witted producer with big ideas and a very small budget, Gordon Miller is a fly-by-night leader of a penniless theatrical troupe.

Joseph Gribble: The harassed and helpless manager of the White Way Hotel where an indigent theatrical troupe can’t pay their tab.

Harry Binion: A witty stage director who can’t think with his clothes on.

Faker Englund: Gordon Miller’s man Friday, Faker Englund is the idea man and stage manager. He is an expert in dodging hotel bills.

Christine Marlowe: Young and pretty, Christine Marlowe is responsible for finding a backer for Miller’s production.

Leo Davis: A naïve playwright from Oswego, Leo Davis is the author of Miller’s intended production. He is young and inexperienced in the ways of the world.

Hilda Manney: A sweet simple soul, Hilda Manney is Miller’s secretary.

**Gregory Wagner:**The apoplectic and roaring hotel executive, Gregory Wagner is a red-faced and over-bearing company man who inadvertently becomes a backer of Miller’s play.

**Simon Jenkins:**Miller’s “angel,” Simon Jenkins is a representative of a money magnate who wants in invest in the play.

**Timothy Hogarth:**The man from the collection agency, Timothy Hogarth has come to repossess Davis’s typewriter.

**Dr. Glass:**The harassed hotel doctor who advertises in elevators.

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