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Characters: Shakespeare in Love

Characters: Shakespeare in Love


Will Shakespeare: Poet and playwright

Kit Marlowe: Will’s colleague, friend, and inspiration


The Rose Theatre

Henslowe: Owner and manager of the Rose Theatre

Fennyman: Producer

Lambert and Frees: Fennyman’s accomplices and henchmen

Ralph: An actor who plays Nurse and Petruchio

Nol: An actor who plays Benvolio and Samson

Robin: An actor who plays Lady Capulet

Adam: An actor who plays Gregory, Benvolio, and Servingman

John Webster: A street urchin who aspires to be an actor

Wabash: A stammering actor and Henslowe’s tailor


The Admiral’s Men

Ned Alleyn: The lead actor of the Admiral’s Men, plays Mercutio

Sam: An actor who plays Juliet

Peter: An actor who plays Tybalt

Other Actors


The Chamberlain’s Men

Burbage: The lead actor and owner of the Curtain Theatre

Other Actors

Dog: A trained animal that delights the Queen

Burbages Two Heavies


The Palace

Mistress Quickly: Wardrobe mistress at Whitehall Palace

Edmund Tilney: The Lord Chamberlain

Queen Elizabeth I


The De Lesseps House

Viola De Lesseps: A daughter who disguises herself as Thomas Kent to audition to be an actor

Nurse: Servant to Viola

Sir Robert De Lesseps: Viola’s father

Lord Wessex: A nobleman betrothed to Viola

Catling: A guard at De Lesseps Hall

Two Guards



The Tavern



Molly and Kate – whores at the tavern

Musicians – appear in various locales throughout