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Characters: Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure

Characters: Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure

Sherlock Holmes: A world-renowned and brilliant English detective, Sherlock Holmes believes he is coming to the end of this career and life—but is he?

Doctor Watson: Holmes’s loyal friend and trusted companion, Doctor Watson always patiently tries to help his friend and always gets pulled into adventures whether he wishes to or not.

Professor Moriarty: The villain, a genius of crime, and Holmes’s archenemy, Professor Moriarty is just as brilliant intellectually and logically as Holmes, which is why he is such a perfect counterpart to him.

King of Bohemia: Soon-to-be-married royalty of the House of Ormstein, the King of Bohemia searches out Holmes specifically to help him secure items that not only sully his reputation but, according to him, threaten the course of European history. He is ostentatious and dramatic, but sincerely admires Holmes and his work.

Irene Adler: A famous opera star, Irene Adler soon catches the eye of Holmes. He is enamored by her, but meets his match, as she is fiery and not one to be bested by his cunning and intellect. She does, however, have the upper hand when it comes to emotional intellect. She was also romantically involved with the King of Bohemia in the past, which is part of the problem facing Holmes and Watson now.

James Larrabee (a.k.a. Godfrey Norton): Moriarty’s henchman who poses as Irene’s husband, James Larrabee is an unethical swindler.

Madge Larrabee (a.k.a. Marie): James Larrabee’s scheming and unfeeling sister, Madge Larrabee is also part of Moriarty gang.

Sid Prince: Moriarty’s hit man and thug, Sid Prince is not too bright, but he has some strong criminal skills.