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Characters: South Pacific

Characters: South Pacific

Ensign Nellie Forbush (US Navy): A spirited, young nurse from Little Rock, Arkansas, Nellie is optimistic and tomboyish and falls in love with Emile, but she fights against her own prejudices as their relationship develops.

Emile de Becque: A wealthy, sophisticated and older French gentleman, de Becque has built an impressive plantation on the island. He claims to have killed a man in France, forcing him to flee the country. He volunteers to serve as a spy for the American troops when Nellie calls things off between them.

Ngana: Emile’s young daughter

Jerome: Emile’s young son

Henry: Emile’s native servant

Bloody Mary: A sassy native merchant who makes her living selling souvenirs to the American sailors, Bloody Mary tries desperately to find a rich husband for her daughter Liat who she thinks can give her a better life.

Liat: Bloody Mary’s beautiful Polynesian daughter, Liat falls in love with Lt. Cable

Bloody Mary’s Assistant

Luther Billis: A loveable and crafty man who helps provide much-needed comic relief for his fellow sailors, Billis has little to no respect for authority and is always scheming, but he is a good friend to Nellie. He runs a laundry enterprise with a homemade washing machine.

“Stewpot” George Watts: A Sailor and Luther’s cohort, Watts run the laundry machine.

“Professor”: A sailor and Luther’s cohort

Lt. Joseph Cable (USMC): A handsome and intelligent officer, Cable is newly stationed on the island.

Capt. George Brackett (US Navy): The commanding officer and highest-ranking officer on the island, Brackett is slightly self-important, but he hides a heart of gold.

Cmdr. William Harbison (US Navy): Second-in-command on the island, Harbison is officious and hotheaded. He is Brackett’s right hand man.

Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey: A sailor, McCaffrey sends and receives messages from an undercover mission.

Lt. Buzz Adams: A pilot who flies the undercover mission

Ensign Dinah Murphy: A nurse and Nellie’s closest friend

Ensign Janet MacGregor: A nurse

Sailors, Marines, Seabeas, Patrolman, Ensigns, Islanders, Nuns, Officers, Soldiers, Pilots