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Characters: The Cherry Orchard

Characters: The Cherry Orchard

LYUBA RANEVSKY: A wealthy landowner, Ranevskaya is returning to her beloved estate and cherry orchard after an extended stay abroad. (Pronounced LYOO-bah Rah-NYEFF-sky.)

ANYA: Ranevskaya’s seventeen-year-old daughter, Anya is returning with her mother to her home. (Pronounced AH-nyah.)

VARYA: Ranevskaya’s adopted daughter, Varya is twenty-four years old and has remained at home taking care of the estate. (Pronounced VAH-ryah.)

LEONID GAYEV: Ranevskaya’s brother. (Pronounced Lay-oh-NEED GAH-yeff.)

YERMOLAY LOPAKIN: A recently wealthy merchant, whose father was once a serf on the Ranevskaya estate. (Pronounced Yehr-moh-LIE Loh-PAH-kheen.)

PETER TROFIMOV: A student, Trofimov is in love with Anya and was once the tutor of Ranevskaya’s son who died when he was young. (Pronounced Troh-FEE-moff.)

BORIS SIMEONOV-PISHCHIK: A landowner. (Pronounced Sim-YAW-noff Pee-shchik.)

CHARLOTTE: A governess. (Pronounced Ee-VAH-noff-nah.)

SIMON YEPIKHODOV: A clerk, Yepikhodov is in love with Dunyasha. (Pronounced Yeh-pee-KHAW-doff.)

DUNYASHA: A maid. (Pronounced Doon-YAH-shah.)

FIRS: An old servant, aged 87. (Pronounced FEERS.)

YASHA: A young servant, also in love with Dunyasha. (Pronounced YAH-shah.)