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Characters: The Cocoanuts

THE COCOANUT TRIO (NATE, TRIXIE, COCO): Members of the hotel staff who are essentially the back-up singers of the story.

ROBERT JAMISON (ZEPPO): The last remaining clerk and bellhop at the Cocoanuts Hotel. He is overworked, high-strung, unconfident, and bottled-up. He is an aspiring architect and is in love with Polly Potter.

POLLY POTTER: Headstrong girl who is torn between her upper class upbringing and following her heart. She loves Robert Jamison.

PENELOPE MARTIN: A cunning conwoman of the upper class.

HARVEY YATES: A member of the privileged class but secretly broke. Wants to marry Polly Potter for her money.

MRS. POTTER: Polly’s proper, privileged, and wealthy mother.

MR. HAMMER (GROUCHO): Robert Jamison’s boss. Proprietor of The Cocoanuts Hotel and Cocoanut Manor.

CHICO (WILLIE WONY DIDDYDONY): A petty thief with an Italian accent.

HARPO (SILENT RED): A mute, petty thief.

DETECTIVE HENNESSEY: A very serious, large, intimidating gentlemen trying to get to the bottom of the scheming and theft.

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