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Characters: The Glass Menagerie

Characters: The Glass Menagerie

Amanda Wingfield: Laura and Tom’s mother, Amanda is a proud, vivacious woman who clings to memories of the past and is at the same time courageous and foolish, charming and pitiable.

Laura Wingfield: Amanda’s daughter and Tom’s older sister, Laura suffers the results of a childhood illness which left one of her legs malformed and in a brace. As a result, Laura is painfully shy and has withdrawn herself the outside world. She is much like her beloved glass figurines: delicate and frail.

Tom Wingfield: Amanda’s son and Laura’s younger brother, Tom supports his mother and sister by working at a shoe factory, but he aspires to be a poet. Like the others, he is trapped, and must decide what measures to take to escape his life’s tediousness.

Jim O’Connor: The gentleman caller, Jim is an old high school acquaintance of Laura and Tom and now works in the same shoe factory as Tom.

Mr. Wingfield: Amanda’s husband, and father of Laura and Tom, Mr. Wingfield is a handsome man who worked for a telephone company. He abandoned the family long ago and never actually appears onstage. His picture, however, is prominently displayed in the Wingfield’s living room.