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Characters: The Merchant of Venice

Characters: The Merchant of Venice

The Duke of Venice

The Prince of Morocco: One of Portia’s unsuccessful suitors

The Prince of Arragon: Another unsuccessful suitor

Antonio: A wealthy Venetian merchant, Antonio is a close friend of Bassanio.

Bassanio: Frivolous with his money and in love with Portia, Bassanio solicits a loan from his friend Antonio in order to win Portia’s hand.

Solanio: A friend of Antonio and Bassanio

Gratiano: Bassanio’s light-hearted and talkative friend who falls in love with Portia’s gentlewoman, Nerissa.

Salerio: Another friend of Antonio and Bassanio

Lorenzo: A friend of Antonio and Bassanio, Lorenzo elopes with Shylock’s daughter, Jessica.

Shylock: An intelligent but embittered Jewish moneylender, Shylock lends money to the hated Christian Antonio, with a “pound of flesh” as his bond. He is the father of Jessica.

Tubal: A friend of Shylock

Launcelot Gobbo: A “clown” and servant of Shylock who thinks Shylock is the devil, Launcelot Gobbo eventually leaves to become Bassanio’s jester.

Old Gobbo: The father of Launcelot, Old Gobbo has come to Venice to seek news of his son.

Leonardo: A servant of Bassanio

Balthazar: A servant of Portia

Stephano: A servant of Portia

Portia: Famous for her beauty and wealth, Portia will marry the man who can successfully solve the riddle her deceased father has decreed for her. She marries Bassanio and goes to court to save Antonio.

Nerissa: Portia’s merry gentlewoman who marries Gratiano

Jessica: The young daughter of Shylock, Jessica falls in love and elopes with the Christian, Lorenzo.