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Characters: The Merchant of Venice

The Duke of Venice

**The Prince of Morocco:**One of Portia’s unsuccessful suitors

**The Prince of Arragon:**Another unsuccessful suitor

**Antonio:**A wealthy Venetian merchant, a friend of Bassanio.

Bassanio: A friend of Bassanio and suitor of Portia.

Solanio: A friend of Antonio and Bassanio

Gratiano: A friend of Antonio and Bassanio.

Salerio: A friend of Antonio and Bassanio

Lorenzo: A friend of Antonio and Bassanio, Lorenzo elopes with Shylock’s daughter, Jessica.

**Shylock:**A rich Jew, the father of Jessica.

Tubal: A friend of Shylock

Launcelot Gobbo: A “clown” and servant of Shylock .

Old Gobbo: The father of Launcelot, .

Leonardo: A servant of Bassanio

Balthazar: A servant of Portia

Stephano: A servant of Portia

Portia: A rich heiress, of Belmont.

Nerissa: Portia’s Waiting-gentlewoman

**Jessica:**The daughter of Shylock.

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