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Characters: The Pirates of Penzance

Characters: The Pirates of Penzance

Major-General Stanley: A one star-general in the British Army, Major-General Stanley is the protector of many young women, his wards.

The Pirate King: A largely unsuccessful commander, the pirate king, although a flamboyant braggart, is too tender-hearted to do what pirates are supposed to do.

Samuel: The pirate king's lieutenant

Frederic: A pirate trainee, Frederic was apprenticed to the pirates by mistake. He is a noble young man who falls in love with Mabel but puts his sense of duty above everything else, including love.

Sergeant of Police: The leader of a bumbling squad of policemen, the good-natured sergeant of police is committed to stopping the pirates.

Mabel: Major-General Stanley's youngest ward, quickly falls in love with Frederic.

Edith: Another of Major-General Stanley’s daughters

Kate: Another of Major-General Stanley's daughters

Isabel: Another of Major-General Stanley's daughters

Ruth: A pirate maid-of-all-work and Frederic’s nursery maid, Ruth mistakenly bound Frederic to a pirate instead of a pilot. She is in love with Frederic and feels betrays when he falls in love with Mabel.

A Chorus of Pirates, Police, and General Stanley’s Wards