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Characters: The School for Wives

Characters: The School for Wives

Arnolphe: A wealthy man and guardian of Agnès, Arnolphe is also known as Monsieur de la Souche. He thinks himself clever and protected from any future unfaithfulness when he has his ward, at age four, confined to a convent until she comes of age, when he plans to marry her. However, his misguided plan leads to some unexpected complications.

Agnès: The ward of Arnolphe and an innocent young girl, Agnès falls in love with Horace, instead of her guardian, Arnolphe.

Horace: A handsome, young man who falls in love with Agnès, Horace brings Arnolphe in on his plans to steal Agnès away, completely ignorant of Arnolphe's relationship with and plans for her. He is also the son of Arnolphe’s long-time friend, Oronte.

Alain: Arnolphe’s manservant

Georgette: Arnolphe’s maidservant

Chrysalde: A friend of Arnolphe, Chrysalde tries to warn him of the downfall of his plan with Agnès.

Enrique: Chysalde’s brother-in-law and Agnès’s father

Oronte: Horace’s father and Arnolphe’s old friend

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