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Characters: The Secret Garden

Characters: The Secret Garden

Lily: Mary’s aunt, Archibald Craven’s wife, dies in giving birth to Colin, before the play opens.

Mary Lennox: A ten-year-old girl who goes to live with her uncle after her parents’ deaths

In Colonial India, 1906

*Rose: Mary’s mother, Rose dies early in the play in a cholera epidemic.

*Captain Albert Lennox: Mary’s father, he dies early in the play in a cholera epidemic.

*Lieutenant Peter Wright: Officer in Captain Lennox’s unit, he discovers Mary still alive after the cholera epidemic in India.

*Lieutenant Ian Shaw: A fellow officer.

*Major Shelley: A fellow officer.

*Mrs. Shelley: Major Shelley’s wife.

*Major Holmes: A fellow officer, he is with Lieutenant Wright when he discovers Mary still alive after the cholera epidemic.

*Claire Holmes: Major Holmes’s wife.

*Alice: Rose’s friend.

*Fakir: An Indian chanter.

*Ayah: Mary’s Indian nanny.

*These characters, collectively referred to as the Dreamers, are people from Mary’s life in India and serve as narrators throughout the course of the story.

At Misselthwaite Manor, North Yorkshire, England, 1906

Archibald Craven: Mary’s uncle and Colin’s father, lord of Misselthwaite Manor, his wife, Lily passed away before the play begins.

Dr. Neville Craven: Archibald Craven’s brother, he is responsible for the management of the manor, including the treatment of Colin’s ailments.

Mrs. Medlock: The housekeeper

Martha: A chambermaid.

Dickon: Martha’s brother.

Ben: The head gardener.

Colin: Archibald’s ten-year-old son, he is confined to bed because of a mysterious ailments.

Nurse: Helps care for Colin

Mrs. Winthrop: The headmistress of a girls’ boarding school