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Characters: The Servant of Two Masters

Characters: The Servant of Two Masters

Clarice: Daughter of Pantalone, Clarice was originally promised to Federigo, whom she disliked. However, he is now dead, so at the beginning of the play she is planning on marrying her true love, Silvio.

Florindo: Beatrice’s lover, Florindo is rumored to have killed Federigo in a duel in Turin. He flees to Venice to seek his beloved Beatrice.

Dr. Lombardi: Silvio’s father, Dr. Lombardi’s self-absorbed pontifications are a source of constant irritation to all those around him.

Pantalone: Clarice’s father, Pantalone is motivated almost entirely by the acquisition of money and goods. He would have preferred that his daughter marry Federigo, whom he considered a “better catch.”

Smeraldina: Clarice’s maid, Smeraldina is strong-willed and lovely. She is also the object of Truffaldino’s affection.

Beatrice: Sister of Federigo Rasponi, Beatrice comes to Venice disguised as her brother and hoping to acquire the dowry owed to Federigo by Pantalone.

Brighella: Friend of the Rasponi family, Brighella is the owner of the local inn.

Silvo: The son of Dr. Lombardi, Silvio is planning on marrying Clarice; however, the wedding is disrupted by the rumor that, contrary to original reports, Clarice’s intended groom-to-be, Federigo Rasponi, is still alive.

Truffaldino: The servant of the play’s title, Truffaldino is content with his lot in life as a servant, and he is in love with Smeraldina. His attempts to work for two masters make him the agent of much of the play’s confusion.

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