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Characters: The Three Musketeers

Characters: The Three Musketeers

Characters: The Three Musketeers


D’ARTAGNAN: Our hero; eighteen years old. Raised in French province of Gascony, leaves home to go to Paris. Brave, excellent swordsman, and enthusiastic to become a musketeer but also impulsive, hotheaded,  and inexperienced. Falls in love with Constance Bonacieux.

ATHOS: Leader of the three musketeers. Full of shadows, intelligent, courageous; precise in his sword fighting.

PORTHOS: One of the three musketeers. Humorous, vain, slave to fashion, good-hearted; comical and jaunty in his sword fighting.

ARAMIS: One of the three musketeers. Romantic, handsome, hot tempered, studying to be a priest; melodramatic in his swordfighting.

CARDINAL RICHELIEU: Enemy of the musketeers and (though not openly) to the king and queen.

ROCHEFORT: The cardinal’s henchman and captain of the Cardinal’s Guard.

MONSIEUR DE TREVILLE: Captain of the musketeers, old friend of D’Artagnan’s father.

KING LOUIS XIII: A simple-minded king, always being played by Cardinal Richelieu.

QUEEN ANNE: Called Anne of Austria but originally comes from Spain; having an affair with the duke of Buckingham.

CONSTANCE BONACIEUX: The queen’s lady in waiting, falls in love with d’Artagnan.

SABINE: D’Artagnan’s seventeen-year-old sister, sent to Paris to go to school. Falls in love with Aramis.

MILADY: The Countess de Winter, most dangerous woman in all of France. Beautiful, cunning, strong, and ruthless.

SOPHIE DELACROIX: “Niece” of Cardinal Richelieu.


BASILLE: Looks after horses at Mauriac inn, cohort of Rochefort.

RAVANCHE: Rough and dangerous bully, cohort of Rochefort.

DEBRIS: One of Cardinal’s Guards.

DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM: The Queen’s British lover.

ADÉLE: Admirer of Porthos.

ELISE: Admirer of Aramis.

MOTHER SUPERIOR: Of the Convent of the Sacred Heart where Sabine is sent to school

FACHE: Supporter of Cardinal Richelieu

STANLEY: The Duke of Buckingham’s major-domo