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Characters: The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Characters: The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Duke of Milan: Sylvia’s father, the duke of Milan plans to wed his daughter to Thurio, but, in the end, he recognizes Valentine’s bravery and honor, and grants to him his daughter’s hand.

Valentine: A young gentleman of Verona, Valentine is a good friend to Proteus and one who “after honor hunts.” In Milan he falls in love with Sylvia and, after numerous setbacks, wins her heart and her hand.

Proteus: The other young gentleman of Verona, Proteus transforms from loyal friend and faithful lover when he too is struck by Silvia’s charms. Eventually Proteus repents, is forgiven, and is reunited with Julia, his true love.

Antonio: Proteus’s father

Thurio: A rival to Valentine, Thurio is the duke’s preferred suitor for his daughter’s hand.

Eglamour: A faithful knight, Sir Eglamour aids Sylvia in her escape from Milan.

Host: of Julia’s lodging in Milan

Outlaws: Former gentlemen, the outlaws have been banished to the woods near Mantua for petty offenses.

Speed: Valentine’s servant, Speed takes great pleasure in aggravating his master and engaging in word play with Launce, Proteus’s servant.

Launce: Proteus’s servant who travels with his master to Milan, Launce is accompanied by his ill-mannered but likeable dog, Crab.

Panthino: Servant to Antonio

Julia: In love with Proteus, Julia follows him to Milan disguised as a page, only to learn that he has fallen in love with Sylvia.

Silvia: The duke of Milan’s beautiful and high-spirited daughter, Sylvia is sought after by a number of eligible gentlemen. She falls in love with Valentine and plans to elope with him.

Lucetta: Julia’s waiting woman and true friend, Lucetta advises her on matters of love.