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Characters: Treasure Island

Characters: Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins: The narrator of the story, Jim Hawkins is a young boy who gets a hold of a treasure map and finds himself on an adventurous search for pirate treasure.

Mrs. Hawkins: Jim’s mother, Mrs. Hawkins runs the Admiral Benbow Inn.

“Captain” Billy Bones: A boarder at the Admiral Benbow Inn, Billy Bones is hiding from other pirates. He was the first mate of Captain Flint and has his secret treasure map.

Doctor Livesey: The town doctor and magistrate, Doctor Livesey joins Squire Trelawney and Jim in search of pirate treasure. 

Black Dog: A pirate, Black Dog attacks Billy Bones at the inn.

Pew: A blind pirate

Constable Dance: A village law officer

Squire Trelawney: A local wealthy hothead, Squire Trelawney finances a crew and a ship, the Hispaniola, to search for Capt. Flint’s treasure.

Redruth: Squire Trelawney’s servant 

Long John Silver: Flint’s old sea cook, Long John Silver signs on with Hispaniola crew as the cook, but he is really the leader of the mutineers. He has a parrot and wooden peg leg.

“Captain Flint”: Long John Silver’s parrot

Ben Gunn: A marooned sailor, Ben Gunn has been alone on Treasure Island for three years before Jim finds him.

Captain Smollett: Hired captain of the Hispaniola

Captain Flint: An infamous bloodthirsty buccaneer from England


Pirates/Sailors (Gray, Jim, Hands, Dick, Matthew, Anthony, Kasey, Tom, Alan, Morgan, George Merry, Troy, Johnny)