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Characters: Volpone

Characters: Volpone

VOLPONE: "the fox," a wealthy magnifico with no heirs, unscrupulous and crafty, and plotting against those who would be his heirs

MOSCA: "the blow fly," Volpone's parasite and equally-crafty servant

VOLTORE: "the vulture," an advocate, and a would-be heir of Volpone

CORBACCIO: "the raven," an old gentleman, father of Bonario, and a would-be heir of Volpone

CORVINO: "the crow," a merchant, husband of Celia, and would-be heir of Volpone

AVOCATORI: four magistrates

NOTARIO: the register

NANO: a dwarf and servant of Volpone

CASTRONE: a eunuch and servant of Volpone

ANDROGYNO: a hermaphrodite and servant of Volpone

SIR POLITIC WOULD-BE: "the parrot," a foolish knight and husband to Madame Would-Be

PEREGRINE: "the falcon," a gentleman traveler

BONARIO: a young gentleman and son of Corvino

MADAME WOULD-BE: foolish wife of Sir Politic Would-Be

CELIA: beautiful wife of Corvino


MERCATORI: three merchants

SERVITORE: a servant