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Elementary Discussion Questions: Julius Caesar

Compare and Contrast

  1. How are Cassius and Brutus similar and different?

  2. Name other power hungry characters from stories, film, TV, or politics. Why is this a dangerous quality?

  3. If you were in the play who would you want to be?



  1. How do you handle a situation when one of your best friends becomes bossy or snobbish? What do you do if other people start talking about your friend behind his or her back?

  2. Why is it a bad idea to run away from your mistakes? Is it good to take the punishment for your crime?           

  3. Have you ever made a hasty decision, like Cassius, before you knew all the facts?



  1. Who gave a better speech, Brutus or Antony? Who do you think was right?

  2. Cassius flatters Brutus to convince him to join his cause. How do we use flattery today to get what we want?

  3. Look at the opening scene between Flavius and the cobbler 1.1.1-24. What is a pun?


Shakespeare’s World

  1. Most everyone in Shakespeare’s time knew the sad story of Caesar. Think of an interesting historical figure that you would like to write a play about.

  2. There are some anachronisms in the play, such as the sound of a clock striking, before clocks had been invented. Is this bad? Can you think of any other anachronisms you have seen in movies or books? Do you think Shakespeare would be concerned about this?

  3. What are some examples of superstition and bad omens in the play that lead up to Caesar’s death? Do you think Shakespeare was superstitious? Do you believe in any superstitions? (FYI, It is likely Shakespeare, like Cassius, died on his birthday.)

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