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Macbeth: Classroom Activities

Macbeth: Classroom Activities

Double, Double…

Read the “eye of newt” speech to the students. Ask them how they think this would taste; then ask them what ingredients they would put in a spell or magic recipe. 


You’re the Playwright

Write or improvise a scene involving any of the characters from the play. Examine their relationships from a modern perspective. How could they communicate differently? Is there another way the play could have ended? Are there other complications that could have arisen?


A Witch by Any Other Name…

Ask the students if they were directing Macbeth, would they want the witches to be scary or pretty? Have each student draw a picture or find in a magazines his or her idea of the perfect Macbeth witch.


You’re the Designer

Create costume designs that show the difference between Hamlet and the rest of the court. Pay attention to the meaning or feelings behind the colors you pick. Consider what era you want to set the play in and what impact that will have on the play.


You’re the Actors

Have one student be Macbeth and one be Banquo; then ask three students to be the witches. The witches have to try and convince Macbeth and Banquo they can see the future. Have the rest of the students decide whether the witches are convincing. Have the students playing Macbeth and Banquo tell what is convincing and what they have a hard time believing.


Preparing the Castle

Have the students decide how they would prepare the castle for Duncan's arrival, and how many servants it would take. How many people would Duncan bring with him? Would people in the castle have to wear special clothes to meet the king? What about feeding the horses? What kind of food would be served at the banquets in the play?