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Synopsis: Foxfire

Annie Nations is doing her chores on her cabin porch in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia and anticipating a visit from her son, Dillard. Annie and her husband, Hector, built Stony Lonesome, their quiet homestead, but Dillard, their son, long ago rejected the idea of being a farmer like his father. Much to Hector’s chagrin, he makes his living as a country singer and has only a small family who rarely come to visit.

Prince Carpenter, a local real estate man, comes by to talk. He offers to buy the farm from Annie, as he has bought the land of most of her neighbors. She struggles to know what to do.

Holly Burrell, a family friend, also comes to visit Annie when Dillard shows up unexpectedly before a concert he is playing in the nearby town. They talk Annie into going to his show that night. After Holly leaves, Dillard tries to persuade Annie into moving closer to him so he can help care for her. During their conversation, she senses something is wrong with Dillard.

At the concert Dillard puts on a flashy show in a good ol’ boy style that annoys Holly. Afterwards, Dillard surprises Annie and Holly by showing back up at Stony Lonesome. As they talk, he tells Holly that he wants Annie to move to Florida with him, but she sees Annie’s love for her home and the roots she has made there.

Dillard confronts conflicts of his own, while Annie faces the decision of whether to stay or go. Is it time to leave her home and its memories of her husband and family? As flashbacks throughout the show help portray important times in the Nations’s family, all can relate to the joy of relationships and the struggle of holding onto one’s own roots.

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