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Synopsis: The Tavern

Synopsis: The Tavern

On a dark and stormy night, a wild wind blows a slew of odd characters into a southern Utah tavern run by Freeman, his son Zach, and their hired help. A peculiar vagabond with a penchant for theatrics soon becomes ringmaster for the events that unfold throughout the night. They discover a strange woman with a mysterious past asleep in the shed, and, when she wakes, is adamant about getting to Salt Lake City to seek an audience with the new governor.

When the governor and his family suddenly arrive at the tavern, seeking shelter from the storm, things only get more unusual. And to top it off, there is a thief on the loose, and everyone has their suspicions.

The storm continues, the sheriff and his posse arrive, as does a gentleman named Stevens who helps to answer some of the madcap questions before the storm subsides and the crazy night comes to an end.