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The Taming of the Shrew: Elementary School Discussion

The Taming of the Shrew: Elementary School Discussion


1. Who is the best wife? In the end of the play Bianca, the widow, and Kate were each asked to come to their husbands. Who did as they were asked? How did the other wives respond when they were called?

2. There are two servants in the play, Tranio and Grumio, one is asked to lie about who he is by pretending to be his master; the other has to serve his master honestly though it is hard work. Is one a better servant than the other?

3. Was Kate really a shrew? What did others say about her? What did she say herself



1. Have you ever had a fight with your brother or sister? Do you ever feel like your parents “always” take his or her side instead of yours? What can you do to try and better express how you feel when you are angry?

2. How would you react if you were treated the way Kate is treated by Petruchio? Would you do what he wanted or keep fighting?

3. Do you think Kate and Petruchio’s marriage will be a good one?



1. Discuss the fight scene between the sisters Kate and Bianca. Do you think this is the first time they have had a fight? What did their father’s words tell you about how he feels about each of his daughters?

2. Discuss the “Sun and moon” scene? Why did Petruchio call the sun the moon? Why did Kate agree?

3. Petruchio tells Kate’s father that he is as “premptory” (stubborn) as Kate is and so they will have to fall in love. Think of examples of how they behave that show that they have similar personalities.



Shakespeare’s World 

1. Is there anything that happens in this play that you wouldn’t see in the world today? Were these events common in Shakespeare’s time? Why?

2. How do you think Shakespeare would react if he knew that you were learning about his play more than 450 years after he wrote it?

3. What would it be like to see this play at Shakespeare’s theatre, The Globe, in the hot afternoon, standing up, with men playing all the roles? (even Kate and Bianca)